This page explains our result process and policy for new patients

Here are some frequently asked questions about results after a biopsy or excision at our clinics:

When will the result be ready for discussion?

10 days to 2 weeks. Please do not pressure for a hurried result, as some samples go through extended processing for accuracy. Rarely, some samples may take up to 3 – 4 weeks.

What if the result is ABNORMAL (cancerous or requires further treatment)?

You will require a consultation/appointment to discuss the result. We cannot forward an abnormal result to you prior to a consultation.

What if the result is NOT CANCEROUS:

If requested, we will notify you by SMS.   Skin lesions consist of living cells and can change any time.  If you notice any further change, inform us so we can review it for you.

Will there be fees for the Result Appointment?

A short consultation (5 – 6 min) will be bulk-billed. Normal fees apply with prescription treatment, referrals or procedures.

Will treatment happen on the same day as the Result Appointment?

This depends on the skin cancer. With early skin cancers and our regular patients, we can “Discuss and Treat” on the same day.  In some cases a planning visit is required to discuss treatment options with you.

What if I cannot attend to discuss an abnormal result?

This may apply to patients from the country or overseas. Our clinics are policies are governed by national medical guidelines. For us, it means:

  • All abnormal results can only be discussed in a consultation
  • An abnormal result cannot be released prior to this discussion.
  • All skin cancer management including prescription and referrals must be carried out in a consultation/appointment directly with a doctor.

 You may request a tele-consultation if you cannot physically return (fees apply). The tele-consultation will be booked in the same way as a physical consultation. You may also ask a doctor in your local area to take over the care and the result. Download this abnormal result request form for your local doctor to request the report.

Can I obtain a copy of my pathology report?

Yes, with the exception of an untreated, abnormal report as explained above.

Please fill in the form below. Please allow up to 3 business days to process as our human resources may be diverted to dealing with unexpected skin cancers. 

Please note this can only be done for non-cancerous results or skin cancers that have already been treated.  This policy has been updated on 22nd November 2017