UPDATED 6th March 2020

Please read this policy carefully if you are intending to visit one of our clinics.

On 27th February 2020, the Australian Government activated its emergency response plan regarding the Coronavirus, to prepare for a possible global pandemic spreading from overseas.

We need to protect our elderly patients and those with health conditions.

Our clinics are “GREEN ZONES” for safety.

It means our staff, our doctors, and our patients can only enter if they meet all the following criteria:

1. HAVE NOT travelled overseas in the last 14 days, and 

2. DO NOT have a cough, a fever or any cold symptoms, and  

3. IS NOT a family member of a person suspected of Covid-19 Coronavirus infection.

DO NOT enter a GREEN ZONE if you have any of the above. 

Stay outside and call 9271 2522 and choose option 8. Our team will assist you on the phone to make suitable arrangements.

We thank you for your cooperation to protect our elderly communities in times of need.

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